Jordan pawnshop

Gold purchased • Public auctions • Jewellers

We have been lending against your jewellery, watches and valuables in a quick and straightforward manner since 1929 in Bremen and since 1954 in Kiel. Our qualified personnel, goldsmiths and diamond appraisers will take only a few minutes to evaluate your pawn and immediately pay out the credit amount in cash upon presentation of your identification card.

We extend loans for the following pawn items

  • Gold and diamond jewellery
  • Gold bars and coins
  • Platinum, dental gold, antique gold
  • Pocket and wrist watches
  • Silver jewellery and silverware
  • Entertainment electronics

Your benefits

  • Quick and discrete bridging of financial bottlenecks
  • Cash – immediately, no Schufa enquiry, no salary statement required
  • No personal liability; your liability extends only to your pawn.
  • Security thanks to statutorily determined interest rates and fees

Loan period

The pawn credit agreement has a loan period of 3 months

Within this period, you can redeem your pawn at any time upon repayment of the loan as well as the accumulated interest and fees. The costs are – as statutorily defined – only 1% interest per month plus a monthly fee for insurance and safekeeping in compliance with the pawnbroking regulations.

If you are unable or do not wish to redeem your pawn within this 3 month period, then upon payment of the accumulated interest and fees it is possible to extend the agreement for a further 3 months.

Auctions and sales

We regularly conduct public auctions of distrained goods, at which you can purchase top-quality diamond jewellery, watches, pearls and technical equipment.

In our branches we offer a large selection of prepared jewellery items and brand-name watches at favourable prices.

We are looking forward to your visit.